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On this page Berkeley has outlined some of the ways you can incorporate his products into your home cooking. Our customers often contact us with different uses for our relishes and preserves and ask when we are going to add to our range. They also suggest changes we could make to our existing products. All customer comments are welcome and we are happy to answer any queries you have. Please contact us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Ginger & Red Pepper Relish £ 4.20 /190g

Berkeley is perhaps best-known for this superb and highly versatile relish made from fresh root ginger and red peppers. It can be served as an accompaniment to almost all cooked and cold savoury dishes, and can even be added to sauces and stir-fries. It is also excellent with cheese; served by itself; or spread on an oatcake as a cocktail savoury.

Ginger, Apricot & Armagnac Relish £ 4.20 / 190g
As versatile as his signature Ginger & Red Pepper Relish, this has a delightful apricot tang that complements the ginger bite perfectly. Its flavour is subtly but beautifully rounded off by the addition of a drop of Armagnac.
Red Pepper, Tomato & Ginger Ketchup £ 4.20 / 265g
This is a ketchup variation with the added spice of peppers and ginger. Although it has a light ginger bite, it’s not hot and is perfect for whenever you would normally use tomato ketchup. Berkeley's way is so much better, however, and not as sweet!
Date, Fig & Prune Chutney £ 4.20 / 190g
A dark, deeply flavoured and popular chutney, this wonderful condiment works perfectly with cheeses and cold meats. Its multi-layered flavours caress the palate, making it interesting, unusual and delicious.
Pear Chutney £ 4.20 / 190g
This chutney was intended as an accompaniment for blue cheeses, with which it undoubtedly works beautifully, so our customers now use it to accompany almost everything else!
London Pride Chutney £ 4.20 / 190g
A popular chutney infused with Fuller's excellent London Pride Ale, this traditional English chutney does not have a typically vinegary flavour because we make it with white wine vinegar. It’s great with English cheeses because it allows the flavour of the cheese to develop on the palate, as well as complementing the accompanying beer!
Somerset Cider Chutney £ 4.20 / 190g
Made with Gaymer's excellent Blackthorn Cider, this is another traditional English chutney. A little sharper than Berkeley's Kentish ale chutney, it’s the perfect condiment for those who like a non-vinegary but punchy chutney.
Black Olive Tapenade £ 4.20 / 160g
Berkeley makes his tapenade with black olives, capers, extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon, garlic and Dijon mustard, and he then adds a little cognac to let the flavours shout. For the perfect snack, simply spread on an oatcake or serve with goats’ cheese. We understand that not everybody likes anchovies, so we usually leave out them out. However, if you’d like us to prepare your tapenade with anchovies, please contact us to arrange a special order.
Harissa £ 4.20 / 165g
Berkeley blends birdseye and scotch bonnet chillies, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, garlic and spices to allow this harissa to burst with spicy flavours, although he makes sure it’s not too hot (unlike most commercial variants).
Tomato & Chilli Relish £ 4.20 / 195g
This is a slightly sweet relish, not unlike a jam, with a light chilli bite making it delightful as a breakfast condiment or served with cheese at lunchtime. Like a number of products in Berkeley's range, it is extremely versatile and can be spread on oatcakes as a cocktail snack.
Prunes in Armagnac £ 4.20 / 190g
Pitted prunes are blended with cane sugar, Armagnac, port, fresh lemon juice and spices. This works perfectly served with vanilla ice cream as a simple but elegant dessert. It’s also excellent, if somewhat extravagant, eaten straight from the jar!
Apricot & Thyme Mustard £ 4.20 / 170g
This is a delightful full-flavoured (but not hot) mustard that benefits from the addition of apricots and a hint of thyme. Try it whenever you would normally use mustard; it works particularly well with cold meats and sausages.

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