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On this page, we at Berkeley Fine Foods have outlined some of the ways you can incorporate our products into your home cooking. Our customers often contact us with different uses for our relishes and preserves and ask when we are going to add to our range. They also suggest changes we could make to our existing products. All customer comments are welcome and we are happy to answer any queries you have. Please contact us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ginger & Red Pepper Relish

Winner of a gold award at the 2009 Great Taste Awards, our customers believe this is one of the most versatile food products they have come across.

Add a couple of teaspoonfuls to a casserole or sauce for a delightful flavour burst, or use the relish like a chutney and serve as an accompaniment to curries and cheese (or whenever you would use chutneys and pickles). It is equally at home being used as a ginger confit, or as a garnish for chicken and pork dishes. It is also superb when spread on an oatcake as a cocktail snack. Added during cooking, it gives an amazing flavour lift to Indian, Chinese and Thai dishes.

Some of our customers rub it into beef before roasting, or onto corn on the cob before wrapping in tinfoil and roasting.

Ginger, Apricot & Armagnac Relish
We introduced this recipe in October 2006 as a Christmas relish, but our customers liked it year-round and it’s now one of our best-selling products. We think the relish is best served on oatcakes, although several customers tell us they eat it straight from the jar! Either way, it is as versatile as our ginger & red pepper relish and is especially suited to dishes where a light apricot note adds to the flavour: chicken, lamb and pork dishes immediately spring to mind.
Red Pepper, Tomato & Ginger Ketchup
We think of this ketchup as grown-up, savoury and full-flavoured because it bears no resemblance to commercial sweetened tomato ketchups. We simmer chopped root ginger, red peppers and tomatoes with white wine vinegar, cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh lemon juice, sea salt and spices. We then blend this mixture to produce a ketchup that’s perfect with any dish where you’d normally use tomato ketchup.
Date, Fig & Prune Chutney
Many of our customers are addicted to this unusual chutney that goes extremely well with all kinds of hard cheese, particularly English cheeses. It is one of those chutneys that bursts with multiple layers of flavour and has to be tried to be believed!
Pear Chutney
This is a superb chutney that will enhance any blue cheese. Although it was designed specifically to accompany these cheeses, the chutney also works well with roast lamb or chicken. The mild pear flavour shines through (the chutney is not padded out with apple or other fruits) and makes for an excellent and robust accompaniment. Sadly it can’t be produced cheaply!
London Pride Chutney – Winner of the 2009 Fuller’s Chutney Challenge!
Berkeley makes several traditional chutneys to accompany English cheeses (using a variety of fine English ales) but he's decided that Fuller's London Pride Ale produces one of the finest condiments available today. In keeping with his philosophy, he's arrived at a quality product rather than an inexpensive one, but we know you'll love this chutney with English hard cheeses.
Somerset Cider Chutney
This is yet another example of our fine traditional English chutneys. Berkeley chose Gaymer's Blackthorn Cider for this condiment because it gives the fullest flavour. Not unlike our Kentish ale chutney, this chutney is slightly sharper and it's just a question of personal preference as to which one you’ll choose!
Black Olive Tapenade
We blend black olives and capers with extra virgin olive oil to produce a coarse-textured puree. Our customers tell us that this slightly rough-cut texture only adds to its appeal. To this blend we add Dijon mustard, fresh lemon juice, garlic, sea salt, herbs and cognac. The results speak for themselves: our customers consistently rate this as the best tapenade they’ve tasted. (We leave out the anchovies because most of our customers don’t like them but we can include them as a special order.) The tapenade is superb served with goats' cheese and makes a great starter for a lunch or dinner when served on oatcakes or with oatmeal crackers or toast. Our customers seem to enjoy our tapenade at any time of day as a quick snack, so one jar won’t last long at all!
We make our Harissa slightly less fierce but a bit spicier than traditional Moroccan chilli pastes. It can be added to any dish during cooking to give it heat, but a little goes a long way so it’s best to be economical if you’re not used to spicy food! If used in casseroles and other slow-cooked dishes, the heat from the chillies will gradually dissipate.
Tomato & Chilli Relish
This is a slightly sweet relish, not unlike a jam, but with a light chilli bite. Like a number of our products, it is a versatile condiment that can be spread on oatcakes as a cocktail snack, served with cheese like a chutney, or served with pasta. It can also be added to savoury sauces or used as a sauce base.
Prunes in Armagnac
Two – or possibly three! – prunes make a simple but delicious dessert when served with vanilla ice cream. They also make a modern and slightly unusual accompaniment to roast pork, duck or goose. One per person should be enough but try two for total decadence!
Apricot & Thyme Mustard
We make our mustard from brown and yellow mustard seeds, which, as our customers have suggested, we then grind just enough to leave a slight texture in the finished product. This is a full and distinctively flavoured mustard, with the apricot and thyme giving it a delightful and slightly sweet note. It’s not too hot so can be enjoyed by those who normally don’t like the fiery bite of most commercial mustards. It can be added during cooking to improve the flavour of casseroles and sauces, and is a particularly good accompaniment to grilled sausages and hard cheeses.
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